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Saturday, 19th February 2011

Bryce Aime’s wife Cherry Wang said: “I think for me, it’s my favourite collection so far. Bryce consistently has a very unique look, but he’s gone a bit softer for AW11, with some softer silhouettes mixed in with the more sharper tailored looks.”

Cherry Wang at Bryce Aime, AW11 On|Off

Cherry Wang

Backstage Buzz

You’d be forgiven for mistaking backstage at Bryce Aime for a blockbuster Hollywood sci-fi film set.

A stylist readied a model in a transparent futuristic armour suit with a quick polish, while other girls wearing equally ultramodern attire went to great pains to avoid bumping into anyone in the jam-packed backstage area.

Backstage at Bryce Aime, AW11 On|Off

Herman Ho, of Headmasters, L’Oreal Professional, explained: “Bryce’s collection is themed around the idea of a North Pole Army.  His signature style is a strong and modern look.”

Hair and make-up for the show centred on texture, icy finishing and severe structure.

Backstage at Bryce Aime, AW11 On|Off

Models were given frosted, white powdered faces defined by grey cheekbones and slick black stripes across the eyebrow bone.

As girls waited for catwalk they admired the striking structured bags they were armed with - the successful results of a collaboration between Bryce and acclaimed bag designer Bracher Emden.

Backstage at Bryce Aime, AW11 On|Off

Bold structures, geometric panels and androgynous silhouettes created a futuristic, military-style AW11 collection for French born designer Bryce Aime.

Block black with flashes of silver, blue and grey kept the colour palette strong and focused, along with the use of sharp tailoring. Contrasting fabric panels of wool, jersey, silk and other metallic textures brought depth and a heavier edge to the collection.

Bryce Aime explained the inspiration for his collection: “It’s an army from a cold and undefined place where there is a thin line between life and death. Overall, ‘Militarium’ [the title of the collection] is a little bit soft and hard.”

This season also marks the launch of an exclusive collaboration between Bryce Aime and bag designer Bracher Emden, with a capsule bag collection for AW11.

Aime explains why On|Off is the place showcase during London fashion Week. “The On|Off platform is always tunes ahead. There is always someone or something to see and to talk about…it’s always ‘happening.’ I also love the people behind On|Off. The fact that they are unique and passionate suits my tastes. They also have a great quality and mix of designers, both on and off schedule.”

Bryce Aime Catwalk Show AW11 On|Off Bryce Aime Catwalk Show AW11 On|Off Bryce Aime Catwalk Show AW11 On|Off Bryce Aime Catwalk Show AW11 On|Off

Bryce Aime, AW11 On|Off photography: Geoff Pugh

Style Hunter

Style hunter at Bryce Aime Style hunter at Bryce Aime Style hunter at Bryce Aime