Timothy Bouyez-Forge

Timothy Bouyez-Forge

Timothy Bouyez-Forge attended the Royal College Art, graduating in Womenswear in 2016.

Half French and Half English, Timothy grew up in both Paris and London.
Influenced by many art movements, industrial design, descorative styles, collage and virtual reality. Timothy went on to study fashion design as means to embody these virtues and open a dialogue in fashion.

“In my practice of fashion design, I have been applying machinery and tools, traditionally used in mass production for heavy-duty construction to build garments. Really it is about repurposing mass production systems to create new materials and forms. It is about communicating metaphors for our times and our futures. The aim is to bring together art, design skills and technology, with unusual neo crafts and contemporary innovations as womenswear. For example, I often use the production practices normally applied in car manufacture and spray-painting as well as parts of motorbike fairings as moulds, to re-purpose their novel materials translated into garments. This approach to creation and then construction helps me to build a unique design narrative, by including futurist notes of lo-fi luxury into clothing, through advanced materials. The overall effect is to introduce a whole new fashion dialogue into womenswear.”

So inspired by industrial manufacturing practices in the automotive industry, garments can be built with industrial processes in mind that evoke our bond between our body and the machine. The garments hold a narrative towards future modes of travel, lifestyle – and escape.

They are synthetic idealistic living and travel solutions for all the visionary thinkers out there.

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