Bip Ling on Breaking The Mould…

At just 25 years old, Bip Ling holds the title of Blogger, Music Artist, DJ, Model, Actress and Entrepreneur. She is also now an Ambassador for On|Off. With her own lingo, bold sense of style, and spontaneous outlook on life it’s easy to understand why she has over 70 thousand followers on social media. We talked to her about the future…

It seems you’re a very busy lady with lots of different ventures. Is being diverse in your career something you feel passionate about?

YAR, for me it’s all connected. The blog, acting, Djing, moochin, and diz music project that I’ve got up my sleeve that is about to explode. Everything that I’ve done to date has been a bit like a scrapbook for the bippar bipture, which is Bip Bop.

What does it mean to you to be an On|Off ambassador ?  

I’m chuffed tbh, new emerging British designers are da don! I reckon because of the grey clouds all the time here, the UK yoot bips out so much creative juju, not only in fashion but fine art and music too. So I’m really happy that On|Off have asked me to represent, and you know what you couldn’t ask for a bippar person, because I’m going to bip On|Off like it’s my Mooch.

How did you start on the unique journey to where you are now?

When I was in school I used to make T-shirts and sell them on Myspace and run club nights. I’m 16 now, so that was when I was 12.

Since you first started blogging, have you felt a big change in the role of the blogger?

I personally have been confused being called a ‘blogger’, I never planned or wanted to be a ‘blogger’ I just started a ‘blog’ and then I was asked to model for some big fashion brands and everyone called me a blogger, and I rolled with it but then I became frustrated by it because the content I upload is art, the word ‘blog’ started from online threads for discussion. I ‘blog’ gifs that I design on Photoshop. I see my ‘blog’ as an online scrapbook. I guess anyone who Instagram’s is a blogger also?

With the line between high-fashion and high-street becoming finer every season, do you think we will become less responsive to suggested catwalk trends in the future?

I am the trend

How would you sum up your style in 3 words?

British Museum Chav

As you are at the beginning of your pop star career – tell us what your ultimate pop song is?

Bip Burger by Bip Ling

What influences you?

Hip-Hop, Apple, Hello Kitty but Mooch iz peed off at Kitty coz she is too busy for a date. So I don’t really want to Bip her up coz Mooch will be annoyed at me now.

What is your mission statement for work?

It all started somewhere right

What is your mission statement for life?

Mooch as hard as you can.

What’s on your mind right now?

Tinkin about what I am gonna wear tonight, so I can get what I want. What you wear talks without you talking, and if you meet someone that you want to talk to, let the clothes speak first.

 What’s next for Bip?

I’ve got lots of bipmusic that I want to release, also an exciting collaboration coming out soon!

 What is On? What is off?

Bippin on wid it IZ on.

Off iz dry crusty boring stuff.

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