On|Off September 2008


On|Off September 2008: Featured Artists and Events during London Fashion Week

On|Off’s aim to bring the latest fashion, art and design together in one space is never ending. We are constantly finding new creative talent in the UK and internationally and bringing it to London Fashion Week. On|Off invites illustrators, artists, product designers, installation artists, digital artists to take part in the event each season.


Charlene Davies

Charlene Davies has been working as the On|Off In-house Catwalk and Event Photographer since 2004. "I find the event extremely inspiring, the merging of both the established with the up-and-coming. I love to capture this explosion of creativity and energy through my own eyes so that others can hopefully see and appreciate what an exciting event On/Off puts on over London Fashion Week."

Charlene is currently running her own commercial photographic company shooting predominantly fashion based work and events. This year she plans to focus on promoting ethical fashion initiatives throughout the UK.


David Farrer

David Farrer is a successful British Sculptor, who specialises in trophy heads’ made from paper mache; a concept born of his time in South Africa. His work challenges the contentious issue of trophy hunting while incorporating recycled and sustainable materials, to create a piece of fine art.  He has enjoyed great acclaim, his work in public and private collections all over the world and decorating the homes of many celebrities. David often appears on National and Local TV and Radio, recent features include ‘Rolf on Art’, BBC’s Backstage Pass, the invited artist for BBC Smart, the children’s art programme, and CBBC’s daily Exchange show and many others. His most recent solo show in the West End, as always attracted a lot of media attention; it was a startling success with most of the work selling on the opening night!

David Farrer

07766 151 706


For On|Off doris has created a series of drawings and paintings depicting a warped and humorous view of the fashion industry. His inspiration is the continual attempt to capture a fleeting thought or moment from the perspective of an outsider. There is a sense of real narrative through the means of his creations and between the drawings themselves.

His drawings seem sporadic and childlike at times but in others there are moments of due care and technique. The balances between the two allow the humour to come through in either a heart warming moment or a crude form of visual tourettes.

“Its kinda like when you make yourself laugh on the bus or tube when you’re on your own. Thats what really happens when I draw. I like to take things quite literally. Literally out of context.”

doris creates a surreally warped and often dark world within his work. He uses his bizarre characters as mouthpieces for his internal monologue and utilises the limitations of drawing as a visual thought process. In his bleak world humans, animals and creatures are all equal and all have something to say. It’s hard to say whether these drawings are for him or for someone else or we have just sneaked in the back door of his studio and are witnessing the inner workings of the artists mind. They can only really be described as ‘dorisisms’.

doris studied a Masters in drawing at Wimbledon School of Art graduating in 2006. He lives and works in London.



DORMICE is a pair of artists: Heinrich Nicolaus and Sawan Yawnghwe, from Europe and Asia. They were both born in 1955 in Munich and Sawan Yawnghwe,

Dormice live and work in Tuscany. Their works are to be found in the most important collections in Italy and across the world and being resold at famous auction houses such as Christie's for ever increasing prices. The head of the Versace fashion house calls them up to do Art Directing for them or Roberto Cavalli sends them clothes for their models.

c/o fraser@agallery.co.uk


Keira Rathbone - Typewriter Art

Design of travel wallets for On|Off September 2008

The unusual and bizarre practice of Keira Lyn Rathbone’s typewriter art is, literally drawings made up entirely of the symbols found on her typewriters, punched onto paper through an inked ribbon.  Keira uses letters, numbers and other symbols to build up tone and shape creating extraordinary images, which from a distance could be mistaken for ink drawings but closer inspection reveals their fascinating intricacies.   

The latest collection of typewriter portraits or as Keira likes to call them ‘Typefaces’, will be on show exclusively at On|Off this season.  The collection was inspired by beautiful or interesting faces past and present, represented in Keira’s own unique way.

Having recently graduated with a degree in Fine Art from UWE, Bristol - where she began exploring typewriter art, Keira now lives and works in Dorset.  She has been exhibiting in solo and group shows in the region where her work and typing sessions in public are fast growing in popularity and media attention.    

Moving around the venue ‘marking’ this season, see Keira's LIVE typewriter art sessions throughout the week of On|Off.

+44 (0)7789680228

Keira Rathbone

Lucy and Bart

LucyandBart is a collaboration between Lucy McRae and Bart Hess described as an instinctual stalking of fashion, architecture, performance and the body. They share a fascination with genetic manipulation and beauty expression and unconsciously their work touches upon these themes. They work in a primitive and limitless way creating future human shapes, blindly discovering low – tech prosthetic ways for human enhancement.


Lucy & Bart

Natalie Thakur

Designer of the On|Off VIP and Party goody bags

After studying at Cordwainer’s college (The London College of Fashion) Natalie honed her skills working in architectural leatherwork, many of the projects included bespoke furnishings and accessories for companies such as Mulberry and Ghost.

She went on to set up her own company in East London early in 2005 creating limited edition leather goods and accessories of her own designs, combining her design skills from her Ba Hons at Middlesex University in Contemporary Applied Arts, with traditional leatherworking techniques. All her work is handcrafted from the finest leathers and each piece carries its own unique design number, as all Natalie’s work is made in limited quantities.

Her main signature collection, ‘The Reusable Range’ which is now stocked internationally, plays on the notion of disposability and has gained major press being featured in The World of Interiors, Blueprint, InStyle as well as The Independent voting the grocery bag the number 1 best gift in their top 50 designs. Many pieces of the collection were auctioned off at Claridges in London in 2007. Natalie has also designed for Thomas Lyte, the new English luxury brand making waves this summer in Vogue, GQ and Esquire. Part of their ethos being to promote new designers and traditional craftsmanship in a modern context.

Natalie Tahkur

+44 (0) 208 985 2090

Paul Normansell

The foundation of his work originates from the relationship between Art and Music. His abstract paintings are based on colour studies exploring how colours can stimulate feelings, emotions within a person, and the different meanings each colour has, and its power to evoke a certain response from the viewer.

His experimentation with colour makes his work more illusional, stimulating the eye into seeing things which may or may not be there, almost like a magic-eye image. Each painting is individual, painted in gloss onto aluminium or board. Each dot of paint is painted freehand using a brush.

c/o fraser@agallery.co.uk

Paul Normansell

Rock Galpin

In 1995 Rock Galpin, product designer, founded Studio Orange a product design studio specialising in three dimensional design. The studio run by designer Rock Galpin has undertaken a broad range of products from furniture and lighting designs for Studio Orange, Furniture and Interior project commissions, to producing designs for international furniture and product manufacturers. The studio has also undertaken exhibition and branding projects and exhibited in over 40 exhibitions internationally, which include; Milan, Paris, Frankfurt, Cologne, New York, Japan and Hong Kong.

Clients have included: Aram Designs, Designers Guild, Bailey’s, Bartle Bogle & Hergerty, Heal’s, Hille, Authentics ltd, Bacardi Global Brands , The British Council, E&Y Co-Tokyo, Hille, Heals, Idée-Tokyo, Ogilvy & Mather , Planet 24, Saatchi & Saatchi, CAA, BDG MCColl, The London Institute/The University of the Arts London, Poke, Erasmus and Monkey Kingdom, The Office Group, Covo.

+44 (0)207 249 6812
+44 (0)7956 17 17 19


Alistair Burleigh / Wrap3: 360-degree video art.

Wrap3 is a digital arts company that offers a diverse range of production and multimedia services, specialists in the production of 360-degree motion graphics, delivered through a revolutionary new digital display technique - panoramic video projection. 

Alistair Burleigh started Wrap3 in 2007. The multimedia techniques that Wrap3 provide commercially evolved from his original experimental digital arts practice. Alistair has been producing 360-degree projection as “Art” since 2005. His work over the last three years has often focused on developing ways in which to enhance and augment our perceptual everyday reality through the clever superimposition of digitally projected 3d worlds; fusing two ordinarily separate layers of reality, one physical, one virtual, into a unified visual entity.

Alistair has exhibited nationally since graduation from The University of Wales in 2006. In the guise of Wrap3 he has traveled the world exploring the many commercial uses of 360-degree video within a number of exciting projects, from major film sets to commissions for global fashion brands. 

Wrap3 works in partnership with The Creative Mix, an Art + Technology consultancy delivering innovative solutions for a new generation of spaces, brands and events. The Creative Mix are sole sales and marketing agents for Wrap3 systems.

Wrap 3