On|Off Fashionbites

Taking into account the serious issues surrounding the model health inquiry headed up by Baroness Kingsmill, On|Off have decided to take positive action about this issue - We have produced a London Fashion Week survival guide - which although mainly aimed at models with information about health issues and places to get advice from, it is also a valuable guide to all visitors during London Fashion Week. With a simple map pointing out the key catwalk venues during the week as well as helpful advise to get you home and traveling safely and with ease around London its the only thing to carry with you this season - that and your McQueen Elvie handbag!!


Every visitor to the On|Off event with receive a fashionbites z card with their ticket and if you lose it don't worry they will be available on site - if you don't manage to get to On|Off you can request a zcard by emailing diana@thedoll.org - Please note: The Fashionbites z card is not a valid On|Off ticket and will not gain entry to the event.

On|Off would like to thank:
Flavour Café - 20 Brewer Street, London, W1F
Terrance Higgins Trust
Transport for London


Flavour Cafe

On|Off has teamed up with Soho café flavour to supply tasty, nutritious snacks and meals backstage, to make sure our models stay happy and beautiful. To help you eat well, flavour’s resident dietitian Sue Lloyd (MBDA) has provided the following tips on healthy eating for busy people.
“Drink two litres of water a day to keep your skin looking beautiful. Carry some healthy snacks around for those hungry moments – nectarines are full of antioxidants, and so are almonds, which are also low GI and delicious.  Carbs are not evil! Choose whole grain bread and whole wheat pasta and you’ll not only avoid bloating, you’ll be less likely to snack later.”

flavour’s On|Off special
take cooked salmon, crumble it into freshly cooked pasta, add chopped peppers, and top off with a drizzle of olive oil for a meal packed with vitamin C and other goodies - and if you don't have time to make it pop into the café in Brewer street where it will be freshly made each day
flavour at 20 Brewer Street was founded by Rachel Gibson, who spent several years working in the fashion industry before deciding to open a café specialising in tasty, healthy food.

0207 494 9253