On|Off September 2007: Designers - Exhibition

  *exhibition visionary award winner supported by fashionspace.com

Aminaka Wilmont

Obsessive about shape and silhouette AMINAKA WILMONT constantly push deeper and harder with their cut-to-death design emphasized by tailoring preformed with a sharpness and precision that defy reason. Their collections captures a unique blend of the intensely powerful and sensual embodied by the stalking predatory confidence within. AMINAKA WILMONT attention to detail and skilful implementation is as exact as an incision caught between conceptual and modern and preformed with a seductive half smile. AMINAKA WILMONT have establishing themselves as a emerging luxury label in fashion and have received great acclaim and recognition in London as well as Paris and Tokyo from buyers and press alike.

Press & Sales
Marcus Wilmont: press@aminakawilmont.com |
020 8985 9586

Maki Aminaka Lofvander: sales@aminakawilmont.com
020 8985 9586 | 079 8877 9931



With its distinctive London feel mixed with North American practicality (designer Julie is from Montreal), Bérubé's collections are steadily acquiring die-hard fans season after season. Each collection includes timeless basics relevant to the modern woman, where aesthetic vision and comfort marry with ease.  Leather handbags and accessories are a staple at Bérubé and are featured alongside the main collections.  As a small independent label, Bérubé is proud to operate its own online boutique where all collections are available to the public.  Recent press coverage has included Vogue UK, Elle UK, The Guardian, Tank, Amelia’s Magazine and many more.

Katie or Rae: Katie@cubecompany.com | 0207 242 5483

Julie Berube: info@berube.co.uk | 0207 729 3147 | 07855 354019



Based in London, Claudine is an innovative handbag designer inspired by contemporary art. Her collection focuses on the sculptural nature of the handbag, as both an accessory, and as a complete object in its own right. Each piece is handmade, using luxury fabrics such as silk and velvet, and finished with signature brightly coloured silk-satin lining. Claudine is currently on her third handbag collection. Her inspiration has been drawn from the organic shapes and patterns of Tiffany lamps. Using contemporary colours and materials, she has re-interperated them into modern and sophisticated pieces. Claudine now sells internationally, in Dubai, and Italy, and will be launching in London and Japan in the Autumn.

Press & Sales
sales@claudine.gb.com | 07856 063571


Glovedup Gloves

A mix of stretch leathers, plastics, natural fibres, and recycled  materials are fused to create forward-thinking gloves and accessories, from street style to high-end.   Glovedup designer Agent Anonym has gloved the hands of models, rock stars, and fashionistas worldwide with her ever evolving collection of fingerless gloves - Anna Piaggi, Beth Ditto, Diesel (AW07 NY), Heatherette (AW07 NY), Lydia Hearst, Kelis, Kimora Lee Simmons, Madonna, Peaches, and Robert Cary-Williams (SS06 LFW).  Press: Grazia, Harpers Bazaar, Italian Vogue, Russian
Vogue, and W  magazines, all choose Glovedup Gloves for their fashion editorials in 2007. Glovedup Gloves since 2001: Glove is the Drug

Press & Sales
laura@agentanonym.com  | +44 (0)7940 776346


Hannah Marshall

Hannah Marshall is a luxury British brand with an ethos centred on designing experience through clothing. This experience is delivered with minimalist cuts and architectural lines in luxury and often contrasting fabrics. This contemporary label featuring body conscious, dynamic and voluminous silhouettes sets a backdrop to the signature tactile Braille messages that they feature.

Since gaining a First Class degree from Colchester School of Art & Design in 2003, and experience with leading London Fashion Week designers, Hannah has gone onto establish herself as an emerging designer and entrepreneur in her own right. Recognised by organisations such as the BBC, The Princes Trust, Channel 4 and NESTA (The National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts). Press coverage highlights include; British Vogue, American ELLE, Grazia, Vogue.com, fashion156.com, Gap Press, Japanese ELLE and more.
Photography - Carlos Lumiere

Nathan Morse: Nathan@iroquois.co.uk | 020 7404388

Maria Lemos: maria@rainbowwave.com | 020 73520002


Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin has set about to shake up the world of luxury jewellery as we know it.  In its second year, her innovative and exciting brand creates luxurious and decadent collections described as ‘jewellery for men, that girlfriend’s will steal’. The look is elegant, sexy and decidedly rock n’ roll.

Hannah’s background boasts work for brands such as Cartier, Givenchy and Tag Heuer, amongst others, indicating clearly where her taste for luxury developed. Her edgy opulence and fiercely glamorous style has been attracting attention from the major UK and international fashion press, as well as positioning her as finalist for both  ‘Jewellery Designer of the Year’ and ‘Luxury Jeweller of The Year’ at the UK Jewellery Awards.

Nathan Morse: Nathan@iroquois.co.uk | 020 7404388

Dylan Hershman: Dylan@easternblock.co.uk | 020 74352727



Hemyca Ltd began in 2005 when three friends, Helen, Myra and Cathy, graduates from the London College of Fashion, joined forces. Having worked for leading designers, including Roland Mouret and Ben de Lisi, and well known high street retailers, for many years, they were inspired to create a unique vision.

Hemyca’s vision is to become a modern, successful, recognised and unique brand. Our mission is to provide bespoke high - quality tailoring for the contemporary woman. Using a mix of traditional and new / technical fabrics, we aim to create forward thinking inspirational designs. Hemyca’s styling is glamorous, dramatic, sexy, feminine, sophisticated and wearable. Inspired by;
“Women who stand out from the crowd and refuse to be ignored; they inspire, challenge and provoke”.

Myra Nigris: myra@hemyca.com | 07780570301

Helen Clinch: helen@hemyca.com | 07768383247


Jacob Kimmie

Jacob Kimmie returns to On|Off Spring Summer 08 showing for the first time under the Jacob Kimmie label. Born in South Africa, Jacob's collections are deeply personal, private and obscure and contain ambiguous references. The label is distinctly British and manufactured in the United Kingdom; the look, seriously sexy directional neo-British style.

"I'm driven by anger and injustice. I think it's why I push my work to embody an ideal of absolute, perfect and eternal beauty-like an antidote. It's the only truth to which we can aspire."

pr@furorepr.com | 08708 796 796

Andrea Watson: sales@jacobkimmie.com | 0121 270 6053



Launched for Autumn Winter 2007 JA.SU.MA is designed by sisters Jazz and Suki Mahil, though its inception was back in 2004. Having nine years of fashion manufacturing experience in the UK and abroad, the sisters put to good use the business acumen they had acquired to begin the process of launching their own fashion label. Each JA.SU.MA piece is individually cut, tailored and finished in 100% natural fabrics. Every detail from the hand crafted embroidery is completed in-house, ensuring each piece is produced to the highest quality and standard.

Hannah Hayes-Walker: hannah@browerlewispr.com | 020 7259 1550

Suki Mahil: smahil@jasuma.co.uk | 079 6707 7121


Jerry Ribbon

Jerry Ribbon, a designer label specializing in contemporary womenswear” was created by fashion creative Shun-Min Wang in 2006. Originally from Taiwan, he learned his tailoring skills in Taipei before moving to London in 2003. Shun-Min creatively produces unique garments experimenting with fine fabrics and unusual patterns, and constructing garments that give an exclusive and refined look. The Spring/Summer 2008 Collection is inspired by the latest Chinese Empress Tzs-Hsi (Cixi), creating a relation with the past and his origins, although presenting a collection that is modern and wearable.

Press & Sales
Sandy Huang: info@jerryribbon.co.uk | 0207 289 0600 | 07786868989


J.W. Anderson

2007 sees the debut of Irish designer Jonathan Anderson’s spring/summer 2008 accessory collection. Highly inspired by nature, its crude beauty and iridescent colours, the collection ‘The Death of a Naturalist’ uses significant elements of Seamus Heaney’s collection of poems by the same title, and plays with the natural versus the unnatural. Says Anderson: ‘The jewellery reflects nature in the way that the materials we use are very natural but it’s nature that’s turned against us. It’s the idea of having nature around you but it has become sinister and in a way, I’m celebrating this.’ For the jewellery, Anderson has worked with resin, capturing real tropical insects in large transparent pearls and surrounding them with silver lamé flowers and saltwater pearls on rope. ‘We’re preserving nature and making it into something you can wear as a beautiful piece of jewellery instead of being afraid of touching it, which is often the case with insects. The insect becomes your jewel, it becomes your diamond and it takes on a different form.’




Kalikas Armour - supported by mode future

KALIKAS ARMOUR is a luxury brand that takes it inspiration from the myth of the Hindu goddess Kalika, epitomising sophisticated representations of Power and Protection through the implementation of traditional masculine attire with symbolic armour. The designer Jatin Patel has emerged with an innovative and experimental approach to dressing the modern woman. The 29-year-old British Indian embodies a design philosophy transposed through classical items which are juxtaposed with contemporary twists. His signature handcrafted technique of leather carving epitomises his designs as individual and uniquely detailed. The label is a key player in the Mode Future project and has participated in Maison de Mode.

Press & Sales
Jatin Patel: Jatin@kalikasarmour.com | 077 87 57 27 00


Kilian Kerner

In summer 2004 Kilian Kerner was launching his fashion label that received great attention, without having visited a fashion or design school. His first collection was presented in 2005 at the trade show Bread and Butter Berlin and sold at the first in 2006. Kilian Kerner is currently presenting his fifth collection "Ich bin". Until now, Kilian Kerner fashion is sold in ten countries including Japan, the UK, Spain and the US. Kilian Kerner is wearable elegance with sporty details. Antagonisms play an important role. Romance meets cool worlds. Open mindedness , the inapproachable.

info@ivent-concept.de | +49 (0)30 44 04 94 40

Miyabi Kawai: info@kiliankerner.de | 030 45021381


Liliza - supported by mode future

Elisa enjoys paradoxes, she loves London, the 1900s, pin-up posters, gothic muses, poetry, dance… After studying applied arts and fashion, she worked for a year with the designer Fifi Chachni. Enriched by this experience she returned to Roubaix to hone her very first collection. The designer’s signature colour is black which she contrasts with linings in colourful fabrics and refined detail with great attention paid to the finishings. Supported by “Maisons de Mode”, Elisa opened her “cabinet of curiosities” in the Fashion Quarter in Roubaix and was chosen by Phildar to create knitting kits that are right on trend. She also works free-lance for various big names in the Northern French textile industry.
LES POUPÉES D'OSCAR-LILIZA, 104 bis avenue jean lebas, 59100 ROUBAIX, FRANCE
+11 3 20 26 46 79

Press & Sales
Elisa Uberti


Mode Future at On|Off

Mode Future is proud to support fashion designers from France and the UK at On|Off. Mode Future is a European-funded project led by the University College for the Creative Arts, which supports urban regeneration in Medway and Lille/Roubaix through fashion by providing assistance to individual designers.


Mode Future is supporting
Liliza | Kalikas Armour | Rheanna Lingham | Wastinmytime


Known for radiant dresses, Penkov stands for a clean, contemporary look resulting in casual jet luxurious elegance. Her collections are inspired by classic style, but produced with a great sense of modernity. Masculinity and femininity are playfully combined, and one becomes another when wearing several pieces. Bernadett Penkov chooses the finest fabrics - cashmere and silk. Bernadett Penkov was born in Budapest/Hungary and moved to Germany aged 4. She studied Economics and Psychology in Düsseldorf, before studying fashion design and pattern making at ESMOD, Berlin. Penkov won twice the Moet & Chandon Fashion Debut and showcased her work, together with Chanel and Lacroix as many other top designers, at the Blythe dolls exhibition in the Galleries Lafayette in Berlin.

+49 179 704 3019 | natasha.binar@nomadagency.biz

+49 30  46 30 90 47 | contact@penkovberlin.com



Petra established itself in London in 2005 in a considered move to spearhead a fresher idea of Italian fashion. With strong links to internationally respected Italian fabric and manufacturing companies, combined with intelligent design these are the foundations of what makes Petra unique. A London edge with Italian standards of production. For its Autumn/Winter ’07 debut catwalk collection Paola Vitali Managing Director of Petra announced the appointment of renowned Designer Marcus Constable and Creative Director Grace Woodward. The team focus on the needs of a contemporary metropolitan woman, creating wearable, sexy clothes with tailoring, day pieces and evening wear.

press@petralondon.com  | 0207 823 2011

Yasmin Dexter: sales@petralondon.com | 0207 823 2011


Rheanna Lingham - supported by mode future

Rheanna Lingham is a fashion jeweller creating dramatic and theatrical pieces. She uses a wonderful mix of materials, including feathers, acrylic, metals and porcelain to produce a truly eclectic style.  The glamorous and decadent jewellery is rooted in historical fashions.

Rheanna is also part of the East London shop, Luna & Curious.  Opened in 2006, the Brick Lane store is run by a group of friends, selling a mix of ceramics, jewellery, clothing and home accessories.  It has been billed as one of London’s best shops by The Times, In Style and Time Out.

Press & Sales
rheanna@rheannalingham.com | 07815 770601 | 01474 352594


Richard Sorger

Richard Sorger’s range of embellished pieces use traditional couture techniques which subvert our expectations of beauty and traditional luxury. The embellishments are about density, structure, sophistication and unconventional glamour. Sorger works with couture traditions to make informal garments and accessories that lie somewhere between jewellery, clothing, tradition and experimentation. Clients include Courtney Love and Jennifer Lopez. He now sells in L’Eclaireur Paris, Feathers London, Koh Samui London, Curve LA and New York, and to Mimosa and Escape in Saudi Arabia. He will be taking orders for his unique pieces at On|Off in the designer exhibition area.

Press & Sales
information@richardsorger.com | 07904 429 666


On|Off exhibition visionary award winner supported by fashionspace.com

Rizvi Millinery

Once again Rizvi Millinery will be showcasing her new spring/ summer collection.  The collection entitled  ‘Fleur Exotic’ will be on exhibition at On|Off this September 17-20 at the Royal Academy of Arts 6 Burlington gardens. Yasmin Rizvi of Rizvi Millinery in collaboration with Mo Coppoletta the owner and artist in residence of the Tattoo parlour ‘The Family Business’ will be creating a limited edition Tattooed leather Alice band for ‘The Doll’ the events team behind On|Off.

The S/S 08 collection ‘Fleur Exotic’ references from the styling and imagery of 1950’s pin-up girls and the tattoo art which it inspired. The collection will be a homage to these ladies, capturing the mood and spirit of the pin-up phenomenon. Keeping with her signature style of playful yet sensitive use of texture and materials, and always challenging the viewer to search beyond the obvious forms. This collection includes a few little coquette numbers that will make the wearer  feel sensuous and free spirited. Polka dots and checks, flowers made from silk and feathers with laser cut acrylic silhouettes will all come together in a collection created in rich reds, fusia pinks, white and black. This collection is worth discovering for all its little secrets…

Press & Sales
info@rizvimillinery.com | 07712 335540



Carlotta Gherzi and co-designer Evan Del Franco are one of the new breed of London fashion designer labels. This year SADO’  launch their spring/summer 2008 collection-inspired by two great creative women of twentieth century, Pamela Morrison, the late great 1970's Doors lead signer Jim Morrison's wife and 1920's painter Tamara Lempicka that mixes fashion, art and music.

The collection is pure female indulgence, with streamline silhouettes that have been created to flatter a women’s body, in bright seductive prints on silk chiffon, satin and jersey, most garments are cut on the bias to caress the female form. SADO’ label, which literary translated means, "keep working and protecting what you are working for”.

sado_pr@sadofashion.com  | 0207 039 0189




In June 2004, Sladjana Antic and Suzanne Schmidt, associated to create the label SATIR©.Originally, the word "satire" holds up human vices and follies to ridicule or scorn. The two young Designers were awarded in Fashion Degree in 2002 by the Haute École d’Arts et de Design in Geneva (Geneva University of Art and Design). The influences that inspire the designers draw on  the sentiment of  reviving the  presenting vintage. Their work sprinkles romantic flashes and a powdered universe of femininity in movement. The materials used  for the luxury ready-to-wear are fluid and light varying from: silk satin, crepe de chine, chiffon, organza or silk jersey.

Press & Sales
Sladjana Antic & Suzanne Schmidt: +41(0)227334947


Soren Bach

After a career in hairstyling for both fashion shows and magazines, in 2005 Soren took up the challenge of an MA degree in millinery at the Royal College of Art.

Soren's final collection is more like an adventure into the expressive world of cartoon and pop art, evoking a spirit of independence, individuality, and a complete creative understanding of colour, texture and form.  His creative approach stems from his respect and ingenuity working with luxury, natural fibres such as mink, horse and human hair combined with unique colouring and dyeing techniques to create a truly exuberant result of kaleidoscopic delight.

Press & Sales


Steph Aman

Stephanie Aman studied Fashion at Middlesex University before continuing her studies at Royal College of Art in womenswear Fashion (MA).  Stephanie was awarded several prizes including the Levi’s Design Bursary, which allowed her to sell her collection in ‘Cinch’ on Newburgh Street, and her graduate collection sold in Dover Street market.  As a student Stephanie designed for Cathryn Avison’s embroidery collections and sold her own textiles through an international agent to companies such as Vera Wang, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Banana Republic, Armani and many more.

Stephanie Aman set up her womenswear label Aman Copland with colleague Clare Copland in February 2006, and has presented the collections at the On|Off event in the Royal Academy of Arts since September 2006 and has shown at White in Milan from February 2007. Steph Aman is a luxury brand with the delicate end results attributed to her inexhaustible eye for detail and perfect finish. The garments are always 100% natural featuring silk chiffon, jersey, tulle, velvet, crepe, leather and cashmere. With an almost romantic, feminine feel, her clothing will appeal to the woman who looks for a couture accent in her day and evening wear, appreciating the uniqueness of every garment she wears.

Press & Sales
Clare Copland: 07732222325

Wastinmytime - supported by mode future

wastin my time was set up in 2005 by Carl and Jay. Both having a healthy obsession with many styles of music and subcultures, they work on creating a huge amount of prints & images  to create unique hand printed garments.

Press & Sales
carl@wastinmytime.co.uk | 07704465681
jay@wastinmytime.co.uk | 07897459999


White - Namoo

Namoo is a line that finds inspiration from the nature. The meaning of the word namoo is tree. We are always looking for simplicity and refinement for our creations to paint a simple and creative woman. Our fundamental characteristic is the using of natural and soft materials that envelops the body in a comfortable mood. Designs follow the body for a hugging silhouette with elegantly draped fabrics and the result is clothes with a relaxed fit that are a pleasure to wear: elegant but with an edge perfect for modern urban woman.

Francesca Capelli: breezekyung@yahoo.it | +39 348 3662645

Paolo Severi: breezekyung@yahoo.it | +39 0543 20217

White - Numero 10

Press & Sales
Alberto Mondini | info@numero10bags.it | +39 051 38461


White - Résho

Yarns: High quality fabrics and yarns like silk, cashmere and merinos but also cool and innovative yarns like lurex, stretch cotton. Great attention to the details of workmanship, following the classical standards of knitwear made in Italy, develops particular and modern lines and fits, always clean but aggressive.

Style: Combinations of, knitwear, leather, crochet, tricot and fabric all with a clean, simple and very refined style, create an immediately recognizable style. Cleanliness in detail and research in finishings, that’s where our vision of fashion starts.

Press & Sales
resho@hotmail.it | +39 075 5172434


Continuing on from the AW07 catwalk show wildlifeworks SS08 collection takes inspiration from the shirt and casual sportswear of the 1950’s, clashing these two styles together to form an interesting and new silhouette for the new season.

Men’s shirting, fine cotton lawn, voile and poplin are the focus for fabrics. Details focus on folding and pleating, collars and cuffs are traditional but mixed with the silhouettes form a modern contemporary feel. Print is mixed with surface embellishment using ribbon and heavy stitch, sequins and beading, taking inspiration from traditional African craft. Colours have a traditional summer feel in shades of white and blue with the highlight of pillar box red.

Nicky or Louise: nicky@village-press.com | 020 7434 2462

Ellie Jauncey: ellie@wildlifeworks.co.uk | 020 7014 3757



Provocative designer Ivan Lan presents his 5th season in the UK fashion scene. Lan’s label “YUCHI” creates a unique signature of crisp sculpted modernism. Traditional tailoring is digitally manipulated to express a new aesthetic in drapery. His work expresses a sense of quality beauty with his use of exquisite fabrics and ultra modern cutting. YUCHI collections were snapped up by HIP boutiques such as B-STORE (London), CARA & CO (Moscow) and ZEN department store (Bangkok). The label has featured in major international press e.g.: Harpers Bazaar, ELLE and Gap Press. Lan originated from Taiwan has worked with a number of influential designers in both Asia and UK, including most recently Boudicca and Jens Laugesen.

Press & Sales
info@yuchifashion.com | +44(0)8704875886



  *exhibition visionary award winner supported by fashionspace.com